Monday, March 21, 2016

Bike Stuff

I welded up the handlebar clamp for Surly's Sportster over the weekend. Not much to it. He machined the bosses and grooved the clamp where they were supposed to go. He'll slit the side where I welded on the bosses and then he'll have a Jim Dandy handlebar clamp.

I do need to buy a few more clamps. I've only got two of the large 11" C clamp style that I used. Menards no longer sells the regular Vise Grip brand apparently. I bought one of their house brand clamps in the 4" size recently and I had to file the slot in the handle to get it to open up all the way. It'll probably work OK now but I've always bought the Vise Grip brand rather than any of the Chinese crap. I needed another small clamp for a job I was working on and it was only $3.99, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Should have known better. There's a Home Depot in the same area as the school and the Menards. I'll swing in there and see what they've got. I got an ENCO sale flyer in the mail recently, they've usually got the Vise Grip pliers of some sort on sale. You'd think by now I'd be fixed for tools.

I took one of the brake calipers for the 900 apart. The internal seals I bought aren't the right size but the dust seals on the outside of the piston are. The piston itself has a little bit of rust on it. I don't know if I should pursue getting new pads now or just see about getting some aftermarket calipers and calling it good. I think I'll take the other caliper apart and see how it looks before making a decision.

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