Thursday, March 3, 2016

Chain Guard


I posted this one about a year and a half ago. It came from Monsieur Velo. My '38 Elgin needs a chain guard so I'm going to add something similar to this one to the project list. Since I've got most of the sheet metal tools handy, might as well see what I can come up with. The bike has a big leather saddle that's seen better days. I've got a nice piece of leather that would work good for a replacement top. I'm not much of a leather worker but I wouldn't mind trying my hand at making a new cover. I haven't looked at it closely to see what's involved but one of these days I'll check it out. I used to ride that bike to work daily before I started teaching.It's been hanging from the top of three different buildings for about 40 years now. It deserves better.

 I've got to finish patching the TR3 fender for my buddy as soon as it warms up a bit. He'll be returning from Mexico when the weather warms up. I should probably do that one before I start farting around with the bicycle but, as always, I seem to gravitate to whatever project looks the most interesting or enjoyable on any given day. I'll see if I can't keep my focus and at least finish his job.

I did finish welding up the shock spring compressor for Surly. Looks pretty good. He's hoping to get started on his Sportster soon and he'll need this.

I machined up a driver for the fork seals. I still have to cut it off but I'll do that on the band saw rather than parting it off on the lathe. I worked on the sidecovers also. I had fit-up the Dzus fasteners already but I didn't have them riveted in. Got that done. I've got a couple of corners to weld up and file down on one of them but they're about ready for paint now. Might not get them painted this week but I'll have them ready at least. 

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