Sunday, March 13, 2016

Back To Work

The week's vacation has drawn to a close and as usual I got about half of the things done I had planned. Besides our anniversary, I had a couple of days spent with the Missus taking her to the dentist and the hospital. Nothing serious on either of those two and we had a nice lunch afterwards both days. Time well spent.

I did make a little progress on the 900. I got the forks reassembled and installed along with the second brake disc. I'll get the calipers cleaned up and taken apart and see what I need for new pads. I'm going to buy a new master cylinder and braided lines. Should be able to stop on a dime after that.

The top photo shows a layout for the sidecar I'm contemplating. I've got most everything figured out. As soon as I finish a couple of other things I'll pick up some tubing and get after it. 

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