Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Part One Done

I finished my first CNC project in the class I'm taking. The program was already in the machine but all of us had to set the work and tool offsets plus write a couple lines of simple code for a tool change. The parts were inspected using a micrometer and the surface gauge. It's a small class, so not a lot of stand-around time waiting to get on a machine. I wish there was some kind of Maker Space/Tech Shop around here. I like making parts. Still, kind of nice being able to go to school just for the fun of it.

This showed up on a farm I drive by on the way to the college about a week ago. Don't know what they're planning on doing with it but if a "for sale" sign shows up on it, I'll have to check it out. 

Surly came down and finished machining  his handlebar mount the other day. He's got a write up on it at his blog. It's good to see him having the time to make some progress on his Sportster. He's got a good eye and talent. Should be a nice scooter when he gets it done. 

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