Saturday, December 3, 2016

Beetle Colors

Starting to turn cold now. I guess you would expect that here in the Mid-West in December. Regardless, I've got enough things done around the shack that I can get back into the shop and work out there for a while without feeling guilty. I've still got the right side of the VW jacked up so I can finish the front brakes. I need to get that done so I can roll it outside and give myself a little more room to work on the sidecar.

I like the color but mine won't have the elephant feet lights or the ugly bumper.
I mentioned in another post some time back about paint choices for the car. While farting around on the internet of things, I found a site that had paint codes not only for the VW but just about any other vehicle as well. It looks from the chart that the green that I uncovered while sanding was Cliff Green. Nice metallic color and not too far off from the Buick Riviera that I've always liked. The more I think about the project, the more I'm leaning towards the stock green. Granted, I'm a long way off from needing paint but I'm hoping to have one of my "growth spurts" where I stay camped out in the shop for long stretches at a time. If you're going to start the heater, might as well keep after it. And if you're going to keep after it, it helps to have the vision of the finished product in your head so you don't have to stop and contemplate your next step.

I think mine, after finishing up the front brakes, will be to make another cross bar on the roll bar right behind the seats. I've got safety harnesses but the stock seats don't have slots for the straps to run through. If you put on the harness the shoulder straps have a tendency to slip off your shoulders - no bueno. I'll put another bar across close to the top of the seat with loops to run the straps through and that will take care of that. I'm not sure if I have a piece of tubing around here long enough for that or not. Even if I don't, I can start on the loops. That's the kind of thing I can do at the school. I like those kind.

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