Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Finishing the Year Strong

Warmed up to near record high yesterday so I worked in the shop a bit. Since the sandblaster is in the back where the heat isn't, figured I should blast the backing plate for the VW brake job. I get it painted and I'll be able to get that corner of the car back together. I'll start on the back brakes after I get a little more work done on the sidecar.

Speaking of which, I made up the tabs for the fender braces. The long pieces get welded to the tube braces and the smaller ones get welded to the sidecar frame. The bike is sort of boxed in right now. As soon as I get the brake finished up on the VW, I'll push it outside to give myself room to work around the bike. I should be able to put the finishing touches on the sidecar before too much longer.

I modified the throttle linkage for my buddy's Camaro. Not much to it. He brought me two new pieces so I could stretch one of them an 1-3/4".  I've still got another job for a "customer" pending. I've got to stretch a Ducati fender. Someone bobbed it once upon a time. I'm hoping I'm good enough at this point to make it about 10" longer and weld up a few extra holes it developed over the years. Welding the holes shouldn't be any problem but I'm not sure about making it longer. He's in no hurry. I told him I was going to finish up my sidecar before I started on it. 

We had a nice Christmas. I got some nice gifts. The wife outdid herself and got me a ride in an Indy car. Two laps around the Speedway at speeds up to 180 mph! I need to check my schedule and get a date for my ride penciled in for the summer. That should be a blast. Hoping to go for a ride in the B-24 this upcoming year as well. I'm one lucky SOB, I'll tell you.

I'm going to try and keep pecking away at things before it gets too cold again. We'll see how long that lasts.

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