Saturday, December 10, 2016


Lady Formula One driver in a Maserati. It's a commercial but a good one. A Maserati would be my second choice behind the Jaguar if my ship came in. Maybe first choice for a driver and then get the XKE for funzies.

Not much happening around here on the projects. It turned cold, with serious cold - single digit stuff- coming next week. We had a pretty good snowfall also. We had about three inches on the ground. There would have been more but the first couple of inches melted due to the temps and the ground still being a bit warm. There's still some on the ground with more on the way today, tomorrow and on into the early morning hours Monday. Weatherman showed a couple of different models with snow ranging from about 4"- 8". I've got finals and certification tests to give, hope the snow doesn't cause a scheduling conflict. I've been busy getting the finals all printed up and the cert plates cut and tacked together. At the most it'll just be a bit of an inconvenience for me but it does create a hardship for many of the students due to their work schedules and the distances they need to drive to get to school. 

I started getting the basement workbench tidied up so I can work on a few things down there as the mood strikes me. I'm still debating what to do about a metal lathe. A little one down the basement would be nice for a few of the projects I'm working on/contemplating. As long as it would be big enough to cut metric threads on a motorcycle axle, it would be fine for my model making and tinkering. One of these days I'm going to need something in metric or I'll get tired of walking out to the shop and I'll pull the trigger on one. Actually I was looking at one at Grizzly that would suit my purposes and they were sold out.  

Still have a few things to do around the shack to get ready for Christmas but the grandsons are coming today to help Grandma with that. It'll be nice having the boys around. I don't get anything done when they're here but why should I? Kevin Cameron's column in the latest Cycle World had an interesting take on burn-out, by the way. As Willie Dixon sings, I can't quit you baby, but I've got to put you down for a little while.


Progress to resume shortly.

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