Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Exercise Routine

I've been doing some thinkin' as of late. Probably would have been better off working but stepping back every once in a while is not necessarily a bad thing. First off, my boss at the college has changed my schedule for the upcoming semester, at least for the first eight weeks. It's not that big a deal other than I need to move some other things around to accommodate the school schedule, like my gym schedule.

Since I'm not going to be able to get to the boxing gym like I have been, I need a new work-out routine. One that I'll follow would be good and one that will give me a good full body workout would be better still. My days of being a runner are past but I can still do some brisk walking. I don't know if I want to do any competitive race walking but if I don't train for something, I won't do much more walking than walking the dog down to the mailbox and back. I really don't care to just walk, in spite of the fact that it's low impact, you can do it just about anywhere and all you need for equipment is a decent pair of shoes - don't even need that if you walk on the beach or the golf course.

I enjoy getting out on the bicycle and I'd like to do the bicycle race I did last year again. There's also a couple of bike trails I haven't yet ridden I'd like to give a try, plus a couple others I'd like to ride again. What I need is a saddle pal - someone I can ride with once a week or so to keep me honest and push me a bit. It's tough enough to find someone to train with but now that winter's upon us, even if I wanted to get out, not going to happen with the icy roads. I don't get bored too easily but bicycle trainers and treadmills will sure do it.

Even if I get busy and walk/bike, I still need to do some upper body strength training. I've had a little trouble with that due to whatever happened with my chest a few years ago. However, I've been working with an exercise band and with hitting the bags at the gym, so I've been maintaining my muscle mass pretty well - at least what little I've got left that is. I should add some more work on my core and my flexibility.

My diet needs a little bit of a tune up as well. I've been slipping and eating more sugar than I should. Rather than wait until the new year rolls around, I'd like to get started on a new program while I'm on vacation and have it somewhat ingrained before I go back to work in January. I also need to find a couple of events to participate in so I have a reason to keep training. I understand why people have such a tough time staying with an exercise program. Unless you are extremely motivated, it's just not easy structuring your life around diet and exercise, even though those should be two of your highest priorities. I've been pretty active all my life but I'm at the point now where the cookies and the recliner are much more appealing than running around the block. I'll give it a bit more thought and come up with an exercise routine that's not too routine. Something that I hopefully can stay with three or four days per week. Build some muscle, keep the cardio where it should be and increase my flexibility. I'd advise the rest of you to come up with a similar plan for the benefit of yourself and your loved ones. 


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Shop Teacher Bob said...

Good idea. I don't think the jump step at the end would work out well in the living room this winter but there are lots of variations to those. In addition to the regular squat thrusts, we used to do toe touches. Slap our stomachs when we straightened up, then throw our arms up and back and slap our stomachs again on the way down. The toe touches were either straight down or alternate right hand to left toe, left hand to right toe to get the twisting motion for the trunk.

I finished school last night. I'me going to play around with a few things in the next few days and hopefully have something going by next week that I can live with and stick to. There's a small workout room at the college that is rarely used. That's an option as well.

Surly said...

I have a good book on bodyweight exercises. I'll give it to you next time we get together.