Thursday, December 8, 2016


Royal Enfield has a new model - the Himalaya. Carburetted, single cylinder, 410cc, 5 speed transmission. The Indian made Royal Enfield hasn't been seen  much in this country, however they're big around the rest of the world. They've surpassed Harley in the number of units sold worldwide annually and they've opened up their North American headquarters in Milwaukee, which also serves as a dealership. They're looking to open up 100 dealerships through out the US in the future. It looks like a fun little bike. I'm not a fan of the big ADV beasties and since where I live it's pretty much flat as a pancake, one of those big over powered and over priced things would be a colossal waste of my money. But this could be fun and relatively cheap. They're supposed to announce the pricing in March, I believe. I also read somewhere that Royal Enfield signed a deal with Polaris to develop some new products. The engine in this one could be just that. 

Maybe I'll take a trip to Milwaukee one of these days. 

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