Thursday, December 29, 2016


I found this at a site that features French cars after 1946. The same guy has several other photo blogs of other marques.

Even though this is a Buick, This one is on  his Italian car site since it's been customized by Pininfarina. 

I like the late 50's - early 60's customs. These were the kind of things that were in the car mags when I was a kid growing up. Surly and I saw a few nice customs when we went to the Pile Up a few years back. There are probably guys out there that are still doing that sort of thing - low to the ground, lake pipes, tuck and roll interiors, big bass boat flake in the paint - you get the idea. I'll pick up a Rod and Kulture magazine every once in a while and they'll have a custom car and/or bike from that era or built along those lines in it, along with some wild drag machines from back in the day. I haven't been to the World of Wheels in a long time but I always enjoyed checking out the old school customs there. Might have to hit a couple of car shows in 2017.

Meanwhile, I got the backing plate for the VW primed and painted and a little piece machined up for the job I'm working down the basement. I need to get a die stock for 1" round dies before I can continue on with that job. I've got all kinds of taps and dies but all of my small dies are hex, rather than round. I can pick one up at the hardware store or Menards - they're not hard to come by but when I was looking through the tool box for a die stock, I was reminded that I need some rethreading dies as well. One of these days I'll have to take inventory and see what else I need to get and place an order. Seems like no matter how many tools I have or what my hardware inventory is, every new job I tackle requires a trip to the hardware store, lumber yard or an internet purchase.

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