Friday, February 2, 2018


Saw the other day that the Royal Enfield Himalayan is due to hit the dealers in April. MSRP is $4499.00 I'm thinking there's going to be one of these in my future. I sold a couple of my old bikes for just about this same amount and set the money aside to put towards a new bike. I checked it out when Cuzzin Ricky and I went to Milwaukee last summer. It's only 421 cc or something but I'm thinking it should be a ton of fun.

Looks like cold and snow for the next 10 days at least. Probably won't be getting much done in the shop but I need to get cooking on something. Maybe see what I can do to work on the basement lathe project that won't require me running in and out. Maybe just pick a day, fire up the heater and stay out in the shop for a decent 8 hour shift. Other than pulling the motor and going through it and the front brakes, there's not a lot left to do on the 900. I need to finish wiring the sidecar and it'll be paint ready. I might get the sidecar frame powder coated. I can have that done while it's cold out and then it'll be finished.

The CNC class is going well. I've been sawing stock and setting up some tooling. I just like fooling around in a shop - especially when there's no profit motive so there's no real hurry. Just keep my feet moving and help out with whatever needs done. I can pretty much do whatever needs to be done except anything CNC. If I'm planning on hanging around there I should probably sign up for his programming class next so I would actually be of some help on those machines - plus learn a bit more. He's got some hybrid lathes in there I'd like to be able to run also. They're not really manual and not fully CNC. I don't have any metric thread cutting ability at home, but it's no problem with those things. Other than that, I really don't know what I'm going to do with what I'm learning in the class but the class is costing me next to nothing since I'm an employee - so why not?

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