Friday, February 9, 2018

Winter Days

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Snowing again after a couple of single digit temperature mornings. Looks like we're kind of on the cusp as far as how much snow we can expect. As I write this, anywhere from about 2" to 12". Doesn't much matter to me. I've got no where I need to go for a few days and I'm well stocked with provisions - If I'm going to be snowed in, I want it to be with Little Debbie:

Fun times at school this week. I made up a fixture to hold the gear blanks for drilling the setscrew holes.

I knocked this out just prior to class starting out of some scrap in the Weld Shop. The blank requires two holes at right angles to each other. Holding it in the angle iron it's possible to drill one hole and then flip it over onto the other leg and drill the second hole. Actually worked pretty good. Had to tap the holes by hand but I took care of that and they came out OK.

I also repaired a part for my computer chair at home. The bottom of the seat broke a couple of years ago and I took it in to work and welded it up. While I had it in the shop the old geezer who used to work there told me I should strengthen up the piece on the back that holds the back support while I was doing it. I told him the wife was planning on buying a new chair so this was just a temporary fix. Of course when I got it home, no reason to buy a new chair because it was fixed, right? Anyway, I should have listened to old Eddie. Fixed now though.

Started cutting the gear teeth this week as well. Everything went well until we got to the last tooth and had to decide if we wanted one big tooth or two little ones. Not sure what went wrong but definitely need to figure it out before next week. Maybe a phone call to Surly. He knows about cutting gears. I've got an idea but I'll think it over a bit and then see if what he says coincides with what I come up with. Either way, his will probably be the definitive answer.

Since it's a small class, everyone was busy doing something - I cut stock, got the broaching operation started, tapped some holes and fixed a job for another part of the lab while I was in between operations. Time goes by quickly and everyone is learning and doing. Education as it should be.


Surly said...

Is that the 5-axis setup you're taking the class on? Not at all what I was thinking.
I'll have to show you a video of ours. It'll blow your mind.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

That's a dividing head on the Bridgeport clone. The class is Multi-Axis Machining - this is our first 4 axis work. Since this is the first time the class has been taught, I think the instructor is feeling his way along, plus we're making tooling he can use later. The gear blanks were made on the horizontal machining center which will help with running the 5 axis CNC machine. He's got a couple of projects for those we're going to run but once they're set up we'll be able to knock them out in just a couple of class sessions. What does he do with us after that? No complaints from me. I like spending time in a machine shop and making things.

I'll call you about the gear cutting problem.