Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Taking Stock

I'm thinking the other way around - more like Bill Murray & a gopher

While the back was out, I was working on the family history and thinking about what I needed to get done. As I mentioned, most of my family from my dad's generation is gone now. The youngest remaining aunt is 82, which is only 15 years older than I am. Pops was gone at 74, seven years older than I am. If I make it to 82, I'm now counting backwards from 15. Damn, that's not a whole lot of time. I've got a ton of half finished projects and a few more swirling around in my mind wanting to get out. I really need to start working in earnest on finishing up a few of these.

Probably the only way I'll get ahead of the game is to hire a few things done but that's OK. I'm trying to do a bit of triage while the snow's coming down but my track record's pretty poor when it comes to time management - I did finish typing up the family history, however. 100 plus pages with quite a few photos and documents. Maybe not the most scholarly of research, but it'll give the grandkids an idea as to where they came from. While going through the old photographs, slides and negatives I was thinking it would be nice to scan them in and get them organized. And that's how it always begins. Not this time though. I'll save that job for the retirement home.

I'll have to give this all a bit more thought. In the meantime I'll try to stay warm (6 below yesterday morning), keep up with the snow shoveling and work on something as best I can. Stay tuned - I just might have quite a few actual progress reports this year.  Might even get a few things finished.

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