Wednesday, June 18, 2014


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A little food for thought from around the WWW:

Michigan will allow Career & Technical Education classes to be plugged in to meet the graduation requirements in lieu of a foreign language or algebra class. Of course, not everyone's happy about that but it should be signed into law very soon.

The BioLite camp stove will not only allow you to grill your sausage, it'll also charge your phone at the same time. I got an e-mail about this from Kickstarter. They've got way more pledges than what they were asking for so no money is required, but it's worth having a look. Ingenious idea.

Likewise, no money required here, either. Frankie Flood is looking for your vote over at Handverker in order to get a spiffy printer to help out with making the prosthetic hands he's been working on. I'm a little slow in promoting this one due to being away from the computer for a few days but I doubt if anyone else in the running is doing anything more important than he is. See if you can spare a few minutes and help out. You'll feel better for it.

My friend Scott Burt at The Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame is recognizing Women in Boxing as this year's theme for the annual induction ceremony. It's July 12th. I'd love to go back but it's just a little too far for a quick out and back trip for me. Since I'm teaching summer school, I don't want to stray too far from the reservation but it would make a nice vacation destination. It's located in beautiful Belfast, New York, home of beautiful scenery and beautiful people. I think Jimmy's band is going to play there again.

On the home front, the former owner of the Sportster found the wrist pin, so that's good. I should have that in my possession real soon. I got the west side of the house painted and got started on the north side. The chicks are doing well now that they are out of the basement. The rabbits have trimmed off a few of my pepper plants and they got one of my goji berries as well. I need to protect the remaining plants, so that'll be today's job, weather permitting. It's not like there isn't anything else for them to eat out there. I'll just file that under the heading  "It's always something". The rest of the garden's looking good, however.

As Uncle Pete used to say: "Keep your end gate up".


Frankie Flood said...

Thanks for the shout out, Shop Teacher Bob!

Also thanks for posting the Sprint; now your'e gong to have me dreaming of putting my Sprint 350 SS back together. Like I need another project...

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Glad to help - you're doing great work. Hope you get the printer.

I didn't realize you had a Sprint. I've got several of them in various states of disrepair that I'd like to have running some day. Maybe after the Sportster, BSA, Kaw, Ducati, VW, etc. That'll probably never happen but at least it's going to make for a nice auction when I'm gone!