Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pressure Switch

I had to make another trip back to the dentist this week, and with a Harley dealership just a couple of miles away, I took my list of needed parts with me and stopped in after visiting the dentist. As you can see in the photo, the oil pressure sending switch took a hit someplace along the line and bent the threads. The dealer said that part was obsolete, the wrist pin clips and oil pump drive pin were available, but he would have to order them. None too encouraging there, so I said no thanks on ordering since I hopefully won't have to be going that way again any time soon. There's another dealer close by the college, so I stopped by there a couple of days later and the pressure switch was in stock along with the drive pin. He had to order the wrist pin clips but the total bill was less than twenty bucks and I can get back to work again. 


Rich said...

If memory serves me, I recall removing those pressure switches and replacing them with an extension tube, elbow, and a fluid filled pressure gauge. It would look up at you from between the exhaust pipe and the crankcase.

My last Sporty was a 1980. A solid scoot for the money I paid back then. Rugged.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

When the first dealership said the part was obsolete that was the back up plan. However, since the other dealer had one and it was only $10.95, sticking with the stock set-up seemed the way to go. Other than the pipes everything else is stock, including the new paint job.

I've never had one before even though I've wanted one since I was 15. I tried buying an 883 in 1994 but they were racing that model then so there weren't any to be had. Bought a Ducati 750 instead. Should have ordered the Sportster. Would probably still be riding it.