Monday, June 30, 2014


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Guzzi scrambler - my idea of what an adventure bike should be. I've been reading a lot about the ADV's in the bike mags I get.  About the only one that makes sense to me is the Kawasaki KLR. As soon as I head north around here, just riding on the street is adventure enough for me. If I was going to play around on the dirt, I'd build myself a flat track around the cornfield and build myself a rigid framed Sprint.

Maybe when Surly and I get our Sportsters done, we can do a Sprint build.

However, if you are looking for adventure, check this out. Instead of BMX, it's WCMX. The latest Welding Journal had a write up on Box Wheelchairs. It's amazing what a tubing bender, TIG welder and good old Yankee ingenuity can come up with. Me, I'm lucky to be sitting in the chair in front of the computer after throwing my back out yesterday. In fact, I've got a chiropractor appointment later on, but God bless those wheelchair athletes - inspiration to us all.

Well, maybe not all. The Wall Street Journal reported the other day that 71% of the youth 17-24 aren't eligible to join the armed forces for a variety of reasons, including obesity. Throw in those with too many or too obvious tattoos, big holes in their ears, felony records or just not smart enough, and the pool starts to get pretty shallow.

The Small Farmer's Journal had quick blurb in the editor's column about certain communities having outlawed not only livestock within city limits but also vegetable gardens. Might be a little easier to field an army if we all ate our homegrown vegetables. It really can't be good from both a health and an economic standpoint if you have pretty close to a total disconnect from your food source. God forbid anything major hits this country  - it'll be like Lord of the Flies.

That's enough of that - maybe I won't be so pissy after I see the bone cracker.

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