Saturday, July 26, 2014


I stumbled across a cool bicycle site the other day. It's Monsieur Velo. Lots of nice restored bicycles as well as photos of his workshop. I've been doing a little more cycling of late, mostly just for the exercise but I have been training for a bicycle race tomorrow. My racing pace is about what my normal riding pace was a couple of years ago. The race is eight miles long and if I go, I'll be lucky to average 16 mph. The weatherman is forecasting rain so more than likely I'll just stay home. However, when I saw this chain guard at Monsieur Velo, it got me to thinking about my 1938 Elgin again. I'd like to get it restored one of these days. It's all there except for the chain guard. I put a generic chrome one on it when I was riding it back and forth to work 40 years ago but it was supposed to have a fairly fancy looking thing on it. Might be a good project for the winter time. Definitely can't sit on my ass all winter like last year. Need to pick a few things I can do down the basement or get some better heat in the shop so I can work comfortably out there. In the meantime I'll keep plugging away on the Harley.

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