Saturday, July 12, 2014

What a Tool!

I'm making a little progress on the clutch tool front. I've completed the one that links the two sprockets together. Pretty simple to make, and if you want to make a similar one, it'll be even simpler because here are the measurements: two pieces of 3/16" x 1" flat bar. The top one is 3-13/16" long, the bottom is 3-5/8" long. The two 11/32" holes are 2-1/4" apart. The 1/2" tubing spacers are 1-11/16" long. Those lengths are just a little proud of the actual lengths. You need to round the ends of the flat bars so start a little long and work the length down to a nice snug fit as you round the ends. Also you need two 5/16" x 2-1/2" bolts with nuts. So there you go.

The square piece attached to the clutch is the final piece of the puzzle. I've got the hole bored in the center to clear the socket and I've got the holes drilled to attach the plate to the pressure plate. The easy way out at this point would be to just weld a handle on the plate and that would hold the hub while I tighten the nut. If I shape the outside to match the contour of the drive plates, however, it'll hold the hub solid to the clutch shell, the other tool will hold the shell tight to the crank sprocket and nothing will move allowing me to tighten the hub nut and the crank nut just as pretty as you please. Additionally, by drilling six more holes, it should be able to be used on Surly's Sportster as well. Seems there was a model change in 1971 and the earlier clutches are more like the Japanese clutches I'm more familiar with. Regardless, progress is being made.

I stopped by the dealer to pick up the locking tab and they forgot to put it on the truck. I'll pick it up next week when I go in to work. In the meantime, I should have the tools completed and I think I'm going to jockey some bikes around so I can get the Sportster up on the stand. That would probably make putting the engine in the frame, wiring, etc., much easier. 

Long way to go but moving forward.

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