Tuesday, July 15, 2014

'Taco Stand

I pulled the cover off the Bultaco so I could take it off the stand and put the Sportster on. The first thing I noticed is the stand is a little short for the wheelbase of the HD. The second thing I noticed was this is a cute little thing. I bought the bike quite a few years back from a guy I roadraced with. He raced an XR750 Harley coincidentally. I got it running with out too much fiddling and ordered some parts to have when I finally got around to working on it but that was about the extent of it. I did swing a leg over it after taking it off the stand and even though it's only a 250cc, it feels right when you sit on it. They were pretty fast back in the day, as well. There was a TSS version for roadracing that had a fairing, different tank, seat, chamber, etc. One of the shop teachers when I was in high school raced one. I remember him calling off so he could go to Daytona. He later quit teaching and sold Bultacos and Hondas.

I built the stand a few years back when I taught a construction class. The Bultaco went up on the stand and that's where it's been residing ever since. The top tilts and the ramp section is spring loaded to pull it into the vertical position once the bike has been pushed forward. It's not a bad design but depending on what you need to do to the bike once it's on there, it might profit from being a little higher. Surly has discussed this at some length on his blog and the most important thing that I took away from all of it was you don't need a tilting top. Just use your ramp. If you own a bike and a pickup, you probably already own a ramp. If not, just make a ramp and use it. That being said, I'm going to give up on the tilting function and add a bit of length to the front of mine so the Sportster will fit comfortably on it. Having the Sporty up in the air will help my old back out but my main concern is working on the thing and having to chase it around when I'm putting the engine in it and buttoning everything up. It'd be my luck that I tipped the bike over while trying to wrestle the engine into place and screw up the new paint job.

I should have enough scrap lumber around here to take care of the expansion without a trip to the lumber yard - might have to buy a couple of eye bolts. I'll throw a couple of photos up when I get the Sporty up on there.


Frankie Flood said...

OH MY! If you ever decide to sell the Bultaco please please call me as I'd buy that thing in a heartbeat. I have very soft spot for Spanish bikes and that "thumbs up" racer would look great in the stable with my Montesas. I might even have some H-D Sprint parts to throw back at ya... if you ever decide to part ways with the Bultaco. So cool!

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I'm thinking about it. I've got 14 motorcycles now and other than the two little Harleys for the grandsons and my brother's BSA, I should probably get rid of most everything else since I don't ride much and I'm not making much progress on getting them running.

Frankie Flood said...

It's a beauty for sure! Well take your time... but if you decide to move it, please let me know. It'd be a good excuse to come meet you in person and see your neck of the woods.