Monday, July 7, 2014

Pie Are Round, Cornbread are Square

The Missus worked her magic and turned the gooseberries into a scrumptious pie. She tried a different recipe this time - definitely a winner.

Worked on the Sportster a bit over the weekend. Put the kickstarter shaft in the engine, so I could see what it was going to take to put the clutch and primary chain back together. I should probably pick up a new locking tab for the clutch hub. It's brass and already looks a bit trashed. According to the manual it should be replaced every time you pull the clutch apart. I doubt seriously that's been the case here. The first couple of threads on the mainshaft were kind of rough. I filed them a bit and then put a little valve grinding compound on them, ran the nut back and forth a few times and they smoothed right up. Not sure what I need to do about torquing the nut down. It's supposed to be tightened to 150 ft/lbs. There's a factory tool for holding the hub, naturally. There's not much to it, so I should probably make one up. All it is is a couple of flat pieces of steel that run between the two sprockets with a couple of spacers in between them. There's still a little room in the tool box drawer with all the special pullers and such. Besides, Surly might need it when he gets around to working on his.

The hub nut is 1-1/2" so I had to dig around and find my 3/4" drive sockets. It's liking I'm working on a tractor or something. The kickstarter gear is held on with an 1-3/16" nut. I think that's the biggest 1/2" drive socket I own. But while I was poking around in the bottom of the roll-around box, I did find these: 

I bought these a few years back and kept them at the high school in case I needed a good set of metric wrenches for working on the VW or one of the student's projects. Ace Hardware had a special on them and since Ace (Always Costs Extra) rarely offers a bargain of any kind, I snapped them up. I brought them home when I retired and forgot all about them. I really need to start picking up the pace on a few of these mechanical projects - it's not good if you can't remember where all the tools are. If nothing else using them would keep the tools from getting rusty.

Should be a good week for me - things always go better with pie.

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