Thursday, July 17, 2014

Plenty Long and Hell For Strong

I got the bike stand stretched. Since I wasn't going to use the tilt function I altered the back end. - made a little frame out of 2x4s, put a stretcher on the bottom to tie it in and then ran a couple more 2x4s along the outer edge to bridge across where the hinge is. I also added a couple of splice plates that have a loop welded to them for tie-downs. Easy enough done and no additional cost to yours truly. If I had been thinking, I'd have trimmed out a little section where the lip of the ramp fits so the ramp would lie a bit flatter when I put it on there. Everything is screwed together, so I can do that after I get the bike off of there.

The bike fits up on the stand like a champ. I could use a couple more soft ties for the back end to keep from scratching the paint. There's a good spot to grab the frame right behind the shocks but not the best for a hook, even if rubber coated. Actually I could just put the tie-downs straight onto the handlebars and use the soft ties in the back. Probably wouldn't hurt to put some padding on the end of the handlebars either - maybe something big and soft like an old pair of boxing gloves. Maybe even do it before I skull myself.

Besides the bike, I still need to get some things tightened up around the shop. I stick welded the loops to the splice plates but I'm afraid to weld anything inside the shop for fear of burning the place to the ground. Not that big of deal to drag things outside on a nice sunny day but it's not always sunny. Or warm. And I damn sure don't need a 600 amp electrode holder for a 3/32" rod. I used to have a little whip lead but can't find the damn thing. I do have another lead with a 200 amp holder but it needs a connector on the end that fastens to the welder. One more thing to add to the list but since I'm going to be doing most of my welding at home now, probably be time well spent getting things in order.

I need to spring for a good cordless drill, as well. The cheap-o from Harbor Freight won't hold a charge for any length of time. I bought it when I was putting the sheeting on the new barn a few years back and it's served me well but it's about time I bought myself a decent DeWalt or something similar. Having dropped one off the scaffolding onto the concrete in the past, I've been hesitant to shell out the dough for a good one but I can't see doing a whole lot of that kind of work in the future. 

Things are good - projects are getting done and the weather has been perfect. Can't ask for much more than that.

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