Monday, July 21, 2014

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Don't know what it is but it's sho' nuff cute.

Ran into a little trouble yesterday with the Sportster project. I got the oil pump cleaned up, timed and re-installed only to find out that the threads for the engine drain plug are pretty well stripped. There are three drains on the bottom of the engine. One is for the transmission and it's already been Heli-Coiled. Looks like a 1/2"-13 thread. I doubt if that was the original thread but it is what it is. There is another plug off to the side that's a 1/8" NPT and then there is the engine plug that appears to have been a 9/16" -18 thread. There are a couple of 5/8" plugs in among the parts but I'm not sure if they are for something or if the previous owner was going to go larger on the plug diameter and use one of those. 

I just wish I had seen the threads before I put everything together. I would have just gotten a new drain plug, welded up the case and redrilled and tapped the hole. Not like I haven't done that a few times. I've got a couple of ideas for a fix without taking the cases back apart, however. Just have to see how it all works out.

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