Friday, October 28, 2016

A Little Trim On The Side

Photo From Here

Novel approach to sidecovers. One of these days Surly and I will get back on the BSA project.

In the mean time I'm working on the sidecar job and tackling some things around the shack. I put up new wall paper and boxed in the stairway going up stairs a few years back - quite a few actually - but never got all the trim work taken care of. Worked on that a bit yesterday and finished up the majority of the whackin' & hackin' the job required. Now that I've got most of the woodworking equipment up and running, these kinds of jobs are actually pretty easy, other than running back and forth from the house to the barn and one last trip to the lumber yard. 

In addition to the last piece of trim I need, I'll pick up some material to start on the veranda for the new barn. That's been a few years in the making as well. I hope to have that completed before the snow flies but no guarantee on that. Between November fast approaching and my notoriously poor record of job completion, maybe not. But if you want a road paved to Hell, I've got the requisite good intentions.  

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