Sunday, October 23, 2016

Shopping Trip

Busy couple of days around here of late. Friday morning Cuzzin Ricky and I went out for breakfast and then I did a little welding job on his trailer for him. After we got it fixed, we loaded up some steel scrap I needed to get rid of. Cleaned the chicken coop after that and did a few other exciting things.

Went to the gym Saturday, stopped by TVI's place to check and see if the piece I made for his golf cart was going to fit. Looks like it should, so I'll try and get that welded up this week. I came home, had a bite of lunch, and then the Missus and I set off for Blaine's Farm & Fleet. It's been a few years since I'd been over that way. I was looking for a heated water fount for the chickens and my online search turned up this one:

$29.99 at Blaine's. I saw the same thing locally for about $45.00. Not really worth driving the 45 minutes over there just for that but I did get a few other things.

Oil filter for the old Allis and some hardware. They sell the hardware by the pound for the most common things, so the 13 locknuts in the foreground only cost me $1.48. I'd be lucky to buy two at that price at the local hardware store. Likewise, all the stuff in the bag was only $1.50. Since the Missus was along we got some other things as well. But the real highlight of the trip was this:

Buffalo! Hard to tell from this picture but the dark patch just past where the water in the wheel ruts stops - those are buffalo, or bison if you prefer. A lady there was kind enough to allow us to use her binocular to get a better look. It was cool to see buffalo on the prairie like it would have been way back when. This is property of The Nature Conservancy. I've been meaning to stop in at the visitor center for a while now. I'll have to go back again and check it out in a little more detail. 

Hope to get back in the shop today and make some headway on the sidecar.

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