Monday, October 24, 2016

Getting Closer

Beautiful day yesterday. Almost too nice to be working in the shop but I wanted to get some more progress done on the sidecar. I got the windscreen tack welded on to the main frame along with the handhold/grab handle. After I got that done I started working on the braces for the wheel housing.

I got a chance to try out the new tube bender - not so sure about it yet. It comes with a little short handle and an extension. However, even with the extension there was no way I could bend the 3/4" chrome-moly. It's only .065" wall but I had to hunt up another piece of pipe to give myself more leverage. Also, with the springback, you can't get a full 180 degree bend on the tubing. Additionally, where I have the big vise mounted, I had to unbolt the bender from the base I made and turn it 90 degrees a couple of times for the required clearance. That's no fault of the bender, however.

I'll make myself a longer handle before I try bending anything else. I did manage to bend the pieces I wanted, so I'll get those fit up and then I'll be ready to start on some sheet metal.

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