Monday, October 31, 2016

Gettin' A Handle On Things

So with the new tubing bender we've got this, a little short handle and Popeye's spinach or

a handle what am. I made the he-man handle from a piece of 1" pipe. I had to bore one end out in order for it to fit over the stub handle on the bender. It's some metric size that's about .025" over 1". I welded a nut on the end that slips on so I can put put a bolt down on it to prevent the pipe from slipping off. I also wrapped a bit of hockey tape around the other end for some grip. So that's taken care of.

I managed to get a bit more done on the sidecar fender. I've got it pretty close to what I want but I've still got a lot of planishing to do yet. That always takes a while but when I get the fender done, other than wiring and paint, it'll be done. Pretty happy about that. 

Didn't get the trim job done in the house, however. I went to the lumber yard and they no longer carry the cove molding I needed. Went to the hardware store and they didn't have the matching stain, either. Headed out to the closest real lumber yard and they had both the trim and the stain. The other piece of trim I had to mill is shaped like a parallelogram with a notch on one end. I managed to stain the back side rather than the face side so when I went to install it I said a few bad words and headed back out to the shop to fix it. And because it takes two coats I didn't get that job finished like I wanted, but it should be done this week. 

All in all, things are looking good around here these days. I'd like to get a few more things done before the weather gets cold but the weatherman is forecasting some decent weather for the next week. That'll help.

Happy Halloween!

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