Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend Update

I didn't get much done on the sidecar rig the last few days. I'd planned on welding on the windscreen frame but decided to hold off until I see about making one of the handholds. I bought a tubing bender set that will bend 3/8" to 7/8" round tubing and 3/4" & 7/8" square tube. I'm making a plate to fasten the bender to so I can clamp it in my big vise. When I get that done, I can bend the handhold tube and then see how everything is going to work. I might run over to the high school and bend it there, however. I think the die for the Hossfeld at the school is a little smaller radius than what came in my set. Regardless, I'll get it bent and tacked on in the next few days along with the windscreen frame. I'll start on the fender after that.

A couple of the guys from the gym were fighting in Marion, IN Saturday night so I went over with the dad of one of the fighters along with my bicycling associate. The young man in the photo fought very well and came home with the win. The other fighter got stopped in the second round by a big shot to the ribs. I ended up working the corner since Jimmy was having a lot of trouble with his feet. Since having his accident he's been in a lot of pain and his mobility is not too good. It was a lot easier to just have me slide through the ropes and work with the fighters between rounds. No biggie for me, I just feel bad for Jimmy. There's another show in about three weeks. I might end up getting drafted to work that one also depending on how he's doing. 

I finished grading papers and posting the grades for the end of the first eight week session at the college. New classes start today and run until the middle of December. I'll be teaching Stick II this semester - very little classroom stuff, mostly just weld practice getting them to where they can pass a stick certification. It's a good class to teach. I stay busy but it's not really hard work. 

Surly's birthday today. Happy birthday, Sonny!

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