Friday, October 21, 2016

Bikes, Persimmons & Gas Welding

Probably won't see those three things grouped together very often, but let's start with the bikes.  These were in a couple of recent e-mails.

Moto GP madness from Vintage Motorsport magazine. Great magazine, by the way. I've been cutting back on the magazine subscriptions but I'll renew this one when the time comes. It's right in my wheel-house as they say, one of which I'll be starting on shortly.

BMW Rnine T Racer

Triumph Street Cup

Both of these from Cycle World. Two more to consider if I decide to pull the trigger on a new bike. Realistically, as little as I ride I should just keep the SV and get a couple of my older ones roadworthy. I do like the looks of both of these, however.  

Cuzzin Ricky and I were supposed to go to a midget race in southern Illinois yesterday. It was a rain out, so I decided to make persimmon bread instead. I had already picked the persimmons and needed to do something with them before the house was a-swarm with fruit flies. The Missus was kind enough to help out a bit to ensure the success of the project. (Me working in her kitchen is about like her working in my shop. Even if you know what you're doing, you still don't know where all the tools are.) Actually, it was all fairly straight forward other than coming up with the two cups of persimmon puree. She put her cooking genius to work so even that was pretty easy for a baking novice such as myself. It was worth the effort - this stuff rocks!

This is a piece I welded up at the college the other day for the lab tech. Oxy-acetylene welding like we used to do back when. In a place that has square wave inverter TIG machines, this is kind of an anachronism, but when the grid goes down, I'll still be able to weld, and when I take a break, I'll be able to have a cup of Joe and a slice of persimmon bread. Maybe being a bit on the anachronistic side isn't such a bad thing.

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