Monday, October 10, 2016

Jungle Park Reunion

I had seen where the Jungle Park Reunion was coming up on the 520 Chain Cafe blog. As soon as I saw it I called Cuzzin Ricky and we penciled it in on the calendar. Yesterday was the day, and a what a beautiful day it was. There were quite a few cars on display - midgets, sprints, hod rods - a bit of everything. Several former and current racecar drivers. I got autographs from Dave Darland, Tom Bigelow, Billy Vukovich, and Donald Davidson, the official historian of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I also managed to run into Joe from 520 Chain Cafe and we had a nice chat. I'm sure he'll be posting a lot of photos, so check his blog out in the next few days.

There was a short ceremony concluding with the unveiling of a historical marker by the Indiana Racing Memorial Association that recognized the significance of the Jungle Park track through the years and the people associated with the track. They were going to have a parade lap for all the cars in attendance but we didn't stick around for that. Cuzzin Ricky and I were down that way something like 15-20 years ago and took a lap around it in my pickup truck, so we've hot lapped Jungle Park. Not everyone can say that, I'm sure.

It was a good day out for a couple of old race fans.

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