Monday, November 26, 2012

Bits & Pieces

Photo From Here

Nice aluminum work on this one. The seat looks similar to the one on my old 750 Sport. When I finally get things a little more organized around here and the to-do list is shortened up some, I'd like to tackle a couple more aluminum jobs.
Photo From Here
Maybe make a tank like on this Goldstar. I saw one of these bikes at the races that had the big tank and a cafe style fiberglass seat with the BSA logo sunk into the back of it that would look really spiffy in aluminum.

Photo From Here - NSFW
Here's one sexy Ducati showbike. There are more photos at the link but apparently Cafe Racer culture includes naked women. And all these years I thought it was just the chopper crowd. You can learn a lot on the internet.

I got the fog lights mounted to the front of the truck. I still need to hook up the wiring but that looks relatively simple. The only tricky thing will be figuring out where to put the switch. The dash curves way down under the steering wheel and the center section goes all the way down to the transmission hump. Just one more challenge as I try to work my way out of project purgatory.

I got the new tires mounted up on the freshly painted wheels for the VW and did a little work on the sandblaster. I think I've got everything I need to finish setting that up the way I want it. I still need to do some more cleaning up and organizing of that area. I did get the top of the barn cleaned up over the weekend and a few things done inside the shack.

I pulled the bicycle rack out of the back of the truck. It bolts up to where the factory tie down cleats go in the front of the bed. I'm going to weld a couple of tie down hooks on it and bolt it back in. I'm also putting the finishing touches on a ramp for loading a motorcycle in there. I'm going to be picking up a bike pretty soon and transporting it a ways. I need to have things right before setting off on that journey.

As always, steady by jerks.


dorkpunch said...

Always nice to make progress on projects... Glad to see yours coming along. I'm in the same boat- eating elephants one bite at a time. Getting there though! Can't wait to see the bike and the bug finished!

Shop Teacher Bob said...

A long time back, having the time to finish things was never an issue. Not sure how I got so far off track but it's nice having found my way at least partially back. I just need to remember the lessons from rehab about stress management and not start going overboard again. No point in working on all of these things if I can't enjoy the time I'm spending on them. So far, all is good - should be better still when the VW and the bike move under their own power.