Friday, November 2, 2012

Losin' Traction

In my last post I was talking about gaining some momentum, unfortunately, now I'm losing traction. I woke up to a sore throat Wednesday morning and things got progressively worse as the day went by. Today my head is still stuffed up, I've got itchy, watery eyes, slight cough, chills.  You might even say a slight case of the ague. I got a flu shot so I'm hoping whatever this is dies off rather quickly. Jimmy fights Saturday night, so I'll be working his corner and I'm supposed to run a four miler Sunday morning. I hadn't planned on running the whole thing - more of a walk/jog. Now I'm thinking I should jump into the 1.5 mile fun walk they're doing. Might be the best from a health standpoint. Or just tag along and root for the young lady who is riding along with me. I guess getting sick was inevitable. Every year I come down with something in either the fall or the spring. Sometimes both. I've been able to get a lot done lately - kinda wanted to keep that going. Since this is day three, I think the worst of this crap has probably passed and I'll be back on the projects next week.

I might be able to get a little done on the 900 this weekend. Between the projects on the shack and the VW, I've kind of neglected that. I want to get a start on that front end, though. I picked up some paint last week to try out for that project. Maybe I'll try that out this weekend on a piece of scrap aluminum to see what that's going to look like. Nothing better for a compromised bronchial system than a little spray painting, unless it's the smoke from a pile of smoldering leaves.  And I've got a couple of tires to get rid of, don't forget. I could set those on fire and with a little luck I might be able to find some old paint cans and tar paper to throw on the pile as well. No reason everyone in the county can't have a little respiratory distress.

Have a good weekend. If you're any where near me, keep your respirator handy.

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