Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Photo from here
Cool picture, I'd have to say. Not sure what it is about sidecar racing that gets my heart all aflutter but it sure does.

My cold has about run it's course - still a little cough and sniffles - so the suspense of when I was going to get sick is over at least. The Missus came down with it, of course. She seems to have been hit a lot harder than I was so I spent most of yesterday helping her out doing laundry, etc. I'll be back on the projects pretty soon.

On top of the to-do list today is voting. There's a lot riding on today's outcome, especially issues dealing with education in Indiana. I can't imagine any school teacher not voting for Ritz today, regardless of their normal party alliance. Whatever your political views, I urge you to vote, regardless. We're still fortunate enough to be able to make choices about our leadership. I'm not always happy about the choices we're given but we've got a choice, anyway. So go vote!


dorkpunch said...

Haven't been following the education happenings out there, but I second the motion to get out and vote. Really hoping our education reforms don't go through.

Love reading your blog- always great information and I love that you are always positive. I've been a slacker, need to keep my blog up!

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I'm not all that crazy about some of the election results but we have a new Superintendent of Public Instruction. That's making me smile.

They have made it difficult around here the last few years to remain upbeat. One thing to remember is that the pendulum is always swinging. It goes from one extreme to the other but it always heads back to the center.

You just keep doing what you're doing. Guys like you are the ones that light the spark. And if you keep your blog up, more people would know it. Don't be afraid to blow your own horn - we need all the positive press we can get.