Friday, November 9, 2012

More Whining

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Two sidecar racers in the same week. Just gotta love it, even if safety wasn't foremost in thoughts of the promoters or the spectators in this shot. Wasn't in the other one either, now that I think of it, but these were real road races. I built a sidecar for my 900 when I put it together originally, you may recall. The frame still has the lugs used to fasten it on. And I've got an idea for a torsion bar suspension that I think would work rather nicely if I was to build another one. I'll just keep that idea simmering on the back burner for awhile. Maybe when I decide to work on the drafting program I can draw it up. It'd be a good project to learn the drafting program and if I did that, I'd actually be able to build the thing from a print if I ever decided to go through with it. That would certainly speed up production.

Meanwhile, I bought a sandblast cabinet. That should speed things up as well. Shipping was only twenty bucks, so I ordered it, rather than driving the 30 miles to Harbor Freight. I was telling one of the guys I work with about buying it. Come to find out, he's got a similar one and he steered me straight on making a water filter set-up for hooking the shop vac to it. So now I need a plastic bucket and a few other things to get that deal going. I'm looking at buying a drill press for my woodshop next. I also want a sheet metal brake. The college has a nice sheet metal shear but no brake. I need to start looking around for one or see about building one. I found some plans that look pretty nice. Nothing too complicated but it wouldn't be exactly what I'd like to have. What I'd like is a 48" box and pan brake that will bend 12 gauge steel. I doubt if I can find one of those laying around cheap, though.

I want to do a little sandblasting, so even though I bought a sandblasting cabinet, I've got to build something else before I can use that effectively. I want to bend a little sheet metal to patch the Volkswagen, so I need to build a brake. And I still need to do some house cleaning before I've got a spot big enough to put them. I sure could have used that extra year to get ready for retirement. However, I've got a few days off coming up soon at Thanksgiving and a month between semesters. That should help immensely.  Get up every morning early, have my cup of green tea, my whole grain cereal with soy milk, give the Spin to Win project wheel a turn and then get after whatever comes up. There'll be wheels turning come next Spring

Have a good weekend!

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