Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wild Turkeys

While not the best photo quality, we had some turkeys in the back yard this morning again as you can hopefully see. I just happened to notice them yesterday when I went out to go to work. There was frost on the windshield of the truck, so I started the truck to let it warm up, walked out back to feed the cats and get something out of the shop, and when I headed back to get in the truck I noticed them in the back corner of the yard. When they saw me, they crossed the tracks and headed into the woods. I looked for them this morning when I got up but didn't see anything but about an hour later I just happened to look out the back window and there they were. They actually worked their way all the way up to the back door. There's one big tom and an even dozen of his flock. If memory serves, it's legal to hunt them 1/2 mile south from here. The state highway into town is the dividing line. I'm not interested in shooting them and now that I'm a vegan, even less so. It's just cool seeing them around.

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