Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ramping Up

I got the tie-down hooks welded to the bike rack. Not much of a task making and welding the hooks but the bolts came out hard when I took the rack off the truck. I was kind of surprised by that, in that I had put some never-seize on the threads when I put them in last time. Probably a real good thing that I did or they wouldn't have come out. I ran a tap into the holes in the truck bed, cleaned up the threads on the bolts with the wire wheel on the grinder and oiled them up prior to assembly. Nothing hard here, just one more thing that needed to get done.

Same thing with the ramp. The wood was one of the ramps I used to move the top of the barn when I was rebuilding it. Likewise the metal piece that rests on the tailgate was part of that operation as well. I welded two pieces together at the approximate angle needed and put a little primer on it. Again, no biggie here. Now I'm set with a ramp that will fit in the back of the truck and is about 11" wide. I should be all set to head out to pick up the motorcycle I mentioned in the last post. That'll probably happen between semesters. I have about a month off. I should be able to fit a couple of days in somewhere for a little road trip.

The weatherman is forecasting some nice temperatures for the weekend, like in the 50's. That'll be good for getting something done. Just not sure what. It was sunny yesterday morning but only 23 degrees at 8:00 am. Like my buddy says: "I don't want to work in any temperature lower than my age". Getting to be a pretty small window of opportunity there for a guy who's 62. But since they're calling for something close to that, maybe a little welding on the VW will be in order. I'll have my three day weekend, anyway. Man, I love those.

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