Saturday, October 11, 2014

Center Stand

Thursday I put the newly welded and repaired clutch release lever inside the case and hooked up the new clutch cable to it. The manual calls for centering up the release lever on the mating part in the case and then taking all the slack out of the cable, which means the other end of the cable has to be connected to the lever on the handle bar. OK, I can do that. Except the hole on the lever where it pivots is pretty sloppy as is the hole where the little gizmo the inner cable connects to goes. Since I'm in this deep, might as well spring for a new lever and be done with it. And as long as I'm ordering parts, might as well get the chrome rocker shaft nuts too. What the hell, get a new chrome rear brake rod and lever also. Since I'm going to be working on the rear brake and I can't finish up the clutch, might as well check out the center stand, right?

That's it in the photo. Simplicity itself. The stand is cast aluminum and it pivots on the two brackets. On the right side of the bike the same two bolts that hold the exhaust pipe bracket also hold one of the center stand brackets. The other side is a straight up bolt on but I had to run to the hardware store again for a couple of 3/8" fine thread bolts and lock nuts. I painted the brackets and the stand so it's ready to bolt on. When I get that on I can pull the rear wheel and bead blast the backing plate. That'll actually be the trial run for the blast cabinet. It'll be good to know how well the vacuum set-up I put together works. 

I'm hoping to finish up the house painting today. I've just got a bit of trim to scrape and paint. That'll be another one off the list. And before the snow flies too!

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