Thursday, October 9, 2014

Clutch Release - V2.0

Photo From Here
I welded up the clutch release lever the other night and took care of the other bolt that holds the exhaust pipe up. The threads were good on that one but the rectangular head was not long enough in the one direction to prevent it from spinning around in the bracket on the pipe when tightening. Since it's damn near impossible to get a wrench on it, the logical thing is to have the head long enough in one direction that it won't spin inside the bracket. I put some brass on both of them, chucked them up in the lathe and cleaned them up and they're good to go now. Picked up the remaining few bits of hardware I needed to have everything nice and shiny for the exhaust.

Going to try and finish hooking up the clutch either today or tomorrow. That shouldn't take long - maybe see about setting the timing as well.

Talked to my buddy last night who did the Moto Giro earlier this summer. He had some pictures of the bikes and the people taking part in the event. Looks like it would be a blast to give it a try. Hard to think of anything cooler than riding around Italy on a little vintage Ducati or something similar.

Managed to get out of bed for a few minutes to check out the lunar eclipse the other night. Beautiful night to see it well. I really need to get the veranda/deck off the end of the new barn so I can set up my telescope for just such occasions. Be a nice spot to watch the fireworks in the summer time as well. I've got a couple other things around the shack that need to get done first but I'd like to get some concrete pads poured to set the posts on before it gets too cold. Wouldn't take long to build the veranda - two/three days even at the pace I do things.

Things are happening and that's what counts.

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