Saturday, October 18, 2014

What a Rack!

While that's certainly true, I was actually referring to this one:

TIG filler rods all arranged nice and tidy. Rods for chrome-moly, aluminum, magnesium, stainless, and plain carbon steel. There's still one empty hole yet so I should probably buy another length of PVC, caps and couplings and make a couple more - still need a couple for my brazing rods. I'll get the label maker out and put some ID tags on the top caps so I can tell at a glance what's what. 

Got the center stand bolted up to the Sportster, cut the grass, ran some errands and cooked myself some pasta e fagioli for lunch (goes well with Sophia, who turned 80 a month ago by the way). Planning on some more work in the shop today and tomorrow. Finish up the clutch and maybe start on the back wheel now that the wheel has some air between it and the work stand.

Might as well stay with the Italian theme. Get a little closer to the finish line on the Harley and I'll switch to some Steppenwolf.


Anonymous said...

Ran across an Etta James you tube video I thought you might like. Etta sings Mellow Fellow while clips of Italian scooters from the 60's and 70's scroll by. Cool pics and you got Etta. What more could you ask for?
Jim the trooper

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I checked it out - oh yeah, that's the stuff. When I get the Sporty running maybe I'll shop around for a scooter, get me some wrap-around shades, a skinny tie and become a Vesparado.