Sunday, October 5, 2014

Lathe Work

Turned a pestle? for the Missus the other day. She was working on making a grape pie and needed to strain the grapes through a metal strainer - found the strainer but couldn't find the wooden gizmo that goes with it. No problem. I went out back and cut a chunk off the persimmon log that had broken off the tree earlier this summer, chucked it up in the new wood lathe and made something serviceable. I had to refine the shape a bit from what's in the picture and it would have been nicer to have a larger piece of wood to start with but it was enough to get the job done. Don't want anything to stand in the way of a grape pie.

These are the spacers for the bracket that holds the drag pipes up. More lathe work only on the metal lathe this time. I still need to fix something up with the little bolt that has both fine and coarse threads - I bought a new fine thread bolt the other day but put it somewhere it'd be safe. So until I come across it, I know it's safe. It's just not where I can modify it to finish up the pipes.

I also need to tighten up the countershaft sprocket before bolting up the pipes but I need to look at a couple of other things as well. The bike came with a center stand but I'm not sure how that's supposed to go on. I assume it has to bolt up to the inside of the frame where the pipe bracket bolts but the stand is about 1" narrower than the distance between the frame rails. I don't know that I necessarily need a center stand but as long as I've got one, now's a good time to figure it out. Especially since I need to take the rear wheel off. The forward bolt on the chain guard threads into the swingarm and is screwed up. It'll require a Heli-Coil or retapping. Probably be a lot easier if the wheel is out of the way. Plus I want to bead blast the backing plate and check the rear brakes shoes.

Slow but sure.


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Actually, more a pestle as used with a chinois strainer.