Sunday, October 12, 2014


Centerstand and brackets all painted and what's more, so's the house. Well almost. One more window to trim out and I'll be able to call it done. I should have finished it yesterday but the shadows were getting long and the sash brush was in the freezer so I called it a day. But not Farmer Zach.

He showed up about the time I was climbing down off the big extension ladder and went to work picking corn. I've only got a few acres so it doesn't take very long to pick it. I like the privacy when the fields are in corn plus the corn blocks a lot of the road noise - I imagine the neighbors will all wish they had a front yard full of corn when I fire up that Harley with those drag pipes. Probably won't be any worse than the neighbor kid with the Jap bike. Every time he starts it up it's a race between the tachometer and the oil pressure gauge and then he's off to the races. Four into one with an open header, bless his heart.

I've got one more week and then I start working only two days per week at the college. That should allow me to get a few things done. Looks like I'll only be teaching one class the first eight weeks of the Spring semester. That'll almost be like full time retirement. I was going to sign up for the CNC machining course but they cancelled it for now. Looks like the equipment won't be in place by then. I've decided to get my ham radio license in the meantime. Use to be you had to learn Morse code - not the case anymore. The beginning or Technician license is a 35 question written test and there are study guides available. I should be able to handle that without too much difficulty. After all those years in college I'm pretty good at studying for tests.

Now it's time to watch the Chicago Marathon, then paint a window, maybe weld up some aluminum, maybe put the centerstand under the Sportster, maybe watch the Bears. As long as the painting gets done - not too concerned about anything else today. 

Keep on a rockin'.

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