Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Photo From Here

Something to think about there. I haven't spent much time riding this summer but I've been enjoying working on the Sportster. 

Speaking of which:  

I got a little something done on the bike the last few days. I was busy doing a bunch of other stuff but I did get a carb stuck on it. After wiggling the manifold on I re-torqued the cylinder to case nuts and adjusted the valve lash. I need to pick up a couple more bits of hardware and modify the bolt for the exhaust pipe and then that'll be ready to go. Still plenty left to do but at least the top end is all buttoned up now.


Rich said...

I may have missed it... but what carb did you end up using? I always liked the simplicity of the old Zenith/Bendix carbs.

Looking good!

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I stuck the S&S on there mostly because I know it ran with that one on it and it has an air cleaner. I have everything for the stock air cleaner except for the filter element - didn't want to take a chance on anything making its way into the engine. Actually I think the S&S air cleaner might fit the stock carb. I like the looks of the teardrop shape much better than the stock. It got down into the 30's here the other night. I want to get this thing buttoned up before it gets much colder even if it's not yet running - get it all together and worry about firing it up next spring.