Friday, August 19, 2016

Bike Shopping

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I went to Indy yesterday to check with a financial guy about a couple of my retirement things, so I made a point of going to the Stutz building to see the Stutz Black Hawk Special replica. Unfortunately, the car room is only open by appointment or on the first Friday of the Month in the evenings.  There were some other cars on display in the building like the Auburn here:

Pretty neat old building as well.Looks like I'm going to have to plan another trip down that way if I'm ever going to see the Stutz racer.

I stopped at several motorcycle dealerships along the way. A place close to home has a Kaw Versys with bags that looks like it would be a nice bike to commute or take a day trip on. I looked at some Triumphs - a Thruxton would be real cool but I'd be happy with the new 2017 Bonnie. Both of those are more money than I want to spend, however. The KTM dealer had mostly dirt bikes but no 690. The BMW shop in Indy didn't have the model I was considering, so no luck there either. 

The Kawasaki dealer had two Versys on the floor, both were 2015 models. The one with the bags was in white, which wouldn't be my first choice. The 2016 comes in an orange that looks pretty nice from what I could tell from the photos on the Kawasaki website. I've got my SV 650 on loan to Surly right now. When he brings it back I'll ride down and see what kind of a deal I can strike on the Kawasaki. I should probably check and see what Honda has and see if the local Harley shop has one of the 750 Street models in stock. Or, as little as I ride, just keep working on the rolling stock I've already got.

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