Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Prepping Like a Colonist

I stumbled across a couple of recipes for vegetarian desserts here that originally came from here. The unusual thing about these recipes is that they come from the 1700's. They're also the kind of thing you could cook up on a camping trip while sitting around the fire in the evening or do like I did and adapt the rice and apple Carolina Snowball recipe and make it for dinner. I cooked the rice in the electric steamer with some raisins and while that was going sauteed some mushrooms, apple and pineapple slices in butter with some cinnamon and then combined everything and let it simmer a bit. Pretty tasty, easy to make and I didn't have to boil it for 1-1/2 hours.

If things ever go bad, being able to cook over an open fire and with a dutch oven are going to be very valuable skills. The video was prepared by the James Townsend company. The Missus did a little business with them way back when she was working for the park department doing the living history thing and she'd get their catalogs in the mail. I used to enjoy looking through them. If you want to dress up and live like it's 1776, they can fix you up. Even if you're not interested in "prepping", it's good to know how our forefathers lived and pick up on some of those skills. I'm pretty much a cowboy style cook myself. Not much for baking but I won't go hungry if I've got a frying pan.

Photo From Here

The Silicon Graybeard noticed the increased visits from our friends in Russia also. He has a post speculating why that may be. As Arte Johnson used to say, very interesting. He also posted some thoughts about exercise that I found extremely interesting. Might be worth a look.

Spending my time these days catching up on odds and ends around the shack. The weather has turned hot and humid again so I'm taking it a bit easy and doing some inside things during the heat of the day. Making some headway and enjoying the relaxed pace.

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