Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Photo From Here

Surly left a comment about the tail end of the Yamaha Scrambler a couple of posts back. Get rid of the dorky looking piece below the fender and mount the license plate right below the taillight. What he suggested has already been done apparently. 

Photo From Here

They fixed the exhaust also. Not a high pipe per se but looks like it belongs there. The story of the build is at the link on the lower photo if you're interested. That bike looks proper. I could definitely live with that. 

Surly worked a little of his computer magic to show me how the new Scrambler would like sans the crap hanging off the rear fender. That's more like it.

He also shot me a photo with a tank more in keeping with the look. I was thinking of something along the line of the Harley XR750 myself. I was thinking Vee Twin, Surly must have been thinking classic Yamaha dirt bike. - both are lower and longer and would have a cleaner looking profile than the Bolt tank.

If the new Scrambler looked like the yellow one above, I'd be plunkin' down some cash this week. Don't know if I want to buy a new bike and then start making alterations to get it to look like that one, however. Wouldn't take much, though. Something else to think about.  

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