Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Blow Up The TV

The song seems to fit my mood and the weather of late. Both have been good and I've been eating a few peaches from the tree in the front yard - hard to beat that. 

School started this week. I'm teaching two classes this eight weeks - beginning stick welding - nothing too tough there. I've been getting out on the bicycle a bit in the evening but I'm going to have to start a little earlier. The days are starting to get noticeably shorter now. I stopped last evening about two miles from the house to turn on the taillight even though I was home by 7:30.

I got a little work done on the sidecar axle mounts. Coincidentally, while out on the bike ride I stopped to take a look at a Harley factory sidecar rig that was parked down the road from me. I was eyeballing the lead and toe-in on the sidecar wheel and if I could see if the bike was leaning in or out noticeably. I couldn't really tell much but I'm pretty sure I've got mine figured out as soon as I solve a little right triangle geometry problem. I need to get a couple of new bearings for the sidecar wheel and I'm going to order a couple of lights that slip-fit into the tubing for extra tail and brake lights. It's bad enough dealing with all the drunks in the county but when you throw in all the fools that are texting while driving, definitely the more lights the better.

Turn off the TV, get outside and enjoy the weather. Winter will be here before you know it.

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