Saturday, August 13, 2016


Here's a couple of more shots from the bomber flight. I'm not exactly sure where we were when I took this picture but the pattern of the trees is kind of neat. Of course, it's even neater when you have the wing of a B-17 included in the photograph.

I didn't have anything to show for scale in the photo of the tire and wheel but I'm guessing it's about 42" tall. Just a single tire up front on each side and a single one in the rear as well.There's nothing in the rear of the plane other than a canvas tarp to close the off the wheel while the plane is in flight. The tail gunner would have had to crawl around the wheel and landing gear to get into position. Rather primitive to say the least.

Speaking of primitive, I finished up the patch panel on the VW. I couldn't find my sanding block when I was working the Bondo, so I'll have to put the finishing touch on it at a later date. Of course, when I was putting the tools away and cleaning up I came across it. Like always. I've got a few trim holes to weld up yet and I'll probably ding it up a bit while finishing the mechanicals, so I'll go over the whole car and try to get everything as straight as I can just prior to painting. It's not looking too shabby as it is, however. 

I'm not planning on installing the running boards so I put a piece of aluminum flat stock in the channel where the running board would normally mount. I got that fit up but I need to buy/make some 6mm studs to fasten it on. It's bolted now but I have some metric acorn nuts I'm planning on using for the finish job. Should look good with the shiny aluminum along the bottom edge of the car.

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