Thursday, August 18, 2016

I'm Coping

Pretty productive day yesterday by my standards - some household chores, cut some grass, picked up a prescription for the Missus, got a haircut, and then cut and coped the tubing for the sidecar. It's ready to tack weld now. The windscreen is off my old vintage racer. It's an EMGO that's still available. I'll bend up a piece of tube or flat to fit inside it and then get some tabs or holes drilled to fasten it depending on what I make the supporting structure out of. I think I've got a piece of wood cut to fit the screen that I used when I was making the racer fairing that I can use as a pattern once again. 

I need to design the mounts for the wheel. The wheel needs to have some toe-in. If I get real creative, I can weld the axle bosses on a plate and then set them up on the mill and bore them at an angle. I was thinking about making things real complicated by building in a bunch of adjustment but maybe a little more thinking on the front end and I won't have to engineer in a bunch of adjustability. When I get the wheel mounted up I'll be able to get the height set so I can make the mounts to fasten it to the 900 frame. 

So far, so good.

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