Sunday, August 28, 2016

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One of my students sent me a link to this thing - Moto Guzzi V8 re-creation (sort of). While the engine is a standard Guzzi Vee-Twin, The bike certainly captures the spirit of the original. If you follow the link back there are quite a few photos of the bike both during construction and on the road. There are also other stories there of things auto and cycle that are interesting - Bonneville report, classic cars at Monterey, and Dougie Lampkin's plan to ride a wheelie around the Isle of Man TT course.

Yamaha"s new SCR950 Scrambler model. I like it except for the tail end. I would have put the tail light and turn signals down lower, and if you're going to brag about having steel fenders, why not have the fender extend all the way down instead of stopping short and then adding another piece? And of course, all self-respecting scramblers from back in the day had high pipes even if they weren't capable of much off-road work. 

But if you did that, then it would look like a Triumph Scrambler or one of the versions of the Ducati Scrambler. I priced a 2017 Triumph Bonneville the other day. It was just a tick over $12K with tax and fees. The Yamaha lists out at $8,700, add in $600.00 for the sales tax and any fees, and you'd be saving yourself $2500 or so but at that money the 2015 Versys is looking better all the time. 

The list price is about the same but Kawasaki is knocking off $1K on the 2015 and this model has a two year warranty rather than a one year as on the other models. The bags would be nice for carrying my lunch and other crap back and forth to work, and if I ever decided to take a little trip, it would probably be a bit more comfortable than some of the other bikes I've been looking at. When I get the SV back from Surly I'll see what I can get on trade.

I definitely don't need another motorcycle but if I'm going to buy myself a new one, I should get it and have it paid for while I'm still working. I don't want to owe anyone a nickel when I finally decide to call it quits. In the meantime, I'll keep working on the fleet.

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Surly said...

After looking at the Yamaha the answer is clear. You throw the stupid rubber thing away and mount the plate just under the tail light. it's exactly what my Sportster is going to look like. The protrusion on the fender is probably only there to serve some legal purpose and they're making it easy on you. No really, put your thumb over the stupid plastic extension on the picture and then it'll make sense.