Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Beezer & Boxing

I'm diggin' the BSA jersey. $40.00 American from Iron & Air. Lots cheaper than the HD jersey I saw at the museum this summer. There's been no progress on the BSA here, unfortunately. Surly came up with a plan for the sidecovers but I haven't made a move in that direction.

I did manage to rid the house of a couple of bats, though. I had one in the bedroom a week or so ago - woke me up about 4:30 in the morning circling the bed. A few days later I went down the basement to look for something and one buzzed my head. The one in the bedroom wasn't too bad. Not the first time we've had a bat in the house during the summer months. The one down the basement was a little spooky, however. Kind of close quarters down there and no easy way to shag it outside. Like the raccoons in the shop, I've got no idea how they get in. I'll do a good walk-around this fall when I do my winterizing and see if I can spot anything.

I had to go north to get my car serviced yesterday so I stopped in for a haircut from my old boxing coach. We've got a guy coming in to our gym that used to box with him a bit way back when. Actually, I think he started about the time I stopped. Anyway, we had a nice chat catching up a bit. He's ten years older than I am but he still looks good - works out every day and still cutting hair. It's amazing how teachers and coaches influence your life choices. Forty years later and I'm still involved with boxing. Never would have predicted that.

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