Monday, August 14, 2017

Racewalking Champ!

Did well at the 5K on Saturday. I was the first male walker in and the second over all. I started out near the back of the pack to stay clear of the runners but the lady who came in ahead of me must have started pretty close to the front. I closed the gap and was doing OK until about the 2-1/2 mile mark and I threw in the towel. I might have been able to catch her but I didn't want to risk running out of gas and have someone else pass me if I faded. 

Beautiful day for the race. My running/cycling buddy paced me to keep me going. We usually chat while we're out there but not today. In addition to trying to get another shoe, I had a side bet with my buddy Jimmy - he with the bum feet. The bet was I could walk it faster than he could run it. I didn't make it so I owe him a dinner and a beer. If it wasn't for the bet, however, I probably wouldn't have won the shoe. All in good fun plus I got a sweatshirt. Hard to beat that.

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